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We mix art & technology

We are a design studio and production workshop based in Malmö. We love projects that involve different processes  and technologies. our strength is the wide range of skills and capabilities and posibility to take an idea to a functinal products within a small team.


What we do


Our large production workshop has the capabilities to handle a wide range of materials and techniques.  A lot of our work is run though our large laser cutter. We work in wood, metal plastic and textile as well as sound, light, electronics and much more..    

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Visualizing your concept or idea brings it to life.

We offer budgeting, visualization, CAD and analysis of the feasibility of a project. Usually we can give a rough estimate of the cost of a project right away based on experience.


Each project is unique and over the years we have devolped a deep understanding about material and its properties.  


Stage & Event

Our background is in sound, light, projections and advertising.  It gives us a great position to create products for exhibitions or stage designs as well as infrastructure for your event.    


Interactive art

This is where it all began. We started in 2015 with a goal to creat technology driven art for pubic spaces. We have been exibition  our work on a large number of lightfestivals. Our passions is combing the bueut of art with sensors and creating ad tunring cities into playgorunds

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Collection &


A lot of our work has been produces with the intednt of creating ewasy to setup soreböle instllations that can adapt to new locations and themes.  Read more to find out what installation we offer.

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Our workshop is located in the old train facility in Kirseberg Malmö. Please come by for a coffee 


Södra bulltoftavägen 51

21222 Malmö



Edvin Buregren -

Olof Wiese -

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